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Invertebrate Conservation and Information Network of South Asia

The impetus for an Invertebrate network and information on invertebrate conservation in South Asia originated in the Zoo Outreach Organization as a result of its interest in the neglected faunal groups and in networking itself. Gathering information about invertebrate researchers was begun in early January 1995.

Since 1991, the regional network of CBSG, India had formed a Special Interest Group for invertebrates was also formed in the same year but was not very active until some years later. In 1995 a series of events propelled the moribund group into action. As a first step of the network the invertebrate Special Interest Group did a project with the support of the Zoological Survey of London, on the status of invertebrate conservation in India and formed a database to identify specialists and conservation projects regionally. Owing to the need for a holistic approach for the promotion of invertebrate conservation in the India sub continent, this network activity was expanded to cover other South Asian countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) and was named as Invertebrate Conservation and Information Network of South Asia (ICINSA). As on 2005 the network has more than 450 members from 6 countries.


The major objectives of ICINSA are:

To promote invertebrate conservation in south Asia
To prepare directory of the network members and to network among all invertebrate conservation researchers.
To establish and maintain database of past, present and future planned invertebrate projects and for interaction with other conservation databases.
To create and maintain close links with disciplinary specialist groups and to develop consulting expertise for all invertebrate groups
To interact in the management of ex situ and in situ invertebrate conservation linking zoos and to popularize conservation concept
To establish world wide network of people concerned with, or involved in invertebrate conservation and,

Major achievements

Enrolled 450 invertebrate specialists as ICINSA members from 6 countries
Published directory of IPNSA members Click here
Brought out 19 issues of the network newsletter 'Bugs R All' (For Recent issue Click here)
Organised hands on training on taxonomy and field techniques for Easter Hemispher Tarantula
Formed as a base in the formation of IUCN SSC South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group
Conducted Conservation Assessment and Management Plan for Soil invertebrates of southern India, mangrove invertebrates and aquatic invertebrates of Pakistan.
Conducted training at Bangladesh in CAMP process using invertebrates as example. Identified and formed National coordinators for the network in most of the countries.
As a Invertebrate researchers/field biologist/specialist/educator you are invited to become a member of ICINSA. For more information write to badaniel@zooreach.org
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